Mobility Solutions

In the growing world of complexities and threats, managing and protecting the infrastructure, assets, people and the state is always the no.1 priority for our customers.

Surveillance is one of the main and common method used to ensure you have eyes everywhere at the right time to prevent a situation from becoming an incident. In today’s world for the customer, the challenge becomes more complex due to the explosion of technology, and studies shows 70% of the solution decisions turn out to be wrong at some point when it comes to choosing the right technology for the right use. .

SecureTech is a proven leader in the region when it comes to evaluating the customer’s requirement, designing the solution, suggesting the right technology and implementing and supporting various sized surveillance systems


From equipments to detect Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) threat to end user trainings and emergency preparedness, SecureTech is an end to end solutions provider for your CBRNE needs.

Access Controls

Whether it be limiting access to personnel, tracking them, enforcing entry and exit rules for employees or structuring your car park at home / office / organization, we would have the right solution to address your needs at various tiers. The right Access control system is your first step to effectively managing a complex environment with multiple authorization matrix (sensitive, public, private etc.,). Use cases for specific verticals can be provided on request.

Perimeter Protection

The perimeter is the first entry point to your facility. Our perimeter protection solutions are a complex combination of various sensors and surveillance systems. With our systems deployed, you would be alerted of an intrusion at the same time the event occurs and your security team would be able to prevent any further advancement of this threat towards inner sensitive circles.


A unique short frequency emitting tag / device to help you monitor and track your resources, visitors or asset while within your compound. SecureTech has had multiple years of experiences working with diversified requirements of RFID from various clients. .