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Performance Management

To find, prioritize, and fix problems before your users call; increase staff productivity; and predict optimal capacity across your physical and virtual infrastructure. Our experts determine the appropriate planning, design, execution, and skills transfer necessary to help you start realizing immediate value.

SecureTech provides Performance Management and Optimization and gives support for all applications. Our Performance Management and Optimization support is specifically designed for business users— individuals like you who need to cut through the noise and quickly get to the heart of the matter.

SecureTech’s Performance Management and Optimization supports break down silos and measures operational performance across your entire organization. SecureTech helps you align all departments and business units with corporate strategy and goals. SecureTech enables you to view the interaction between departments and the impact they have on each other's performance. SecureTech Performance Management and Optimization with Advanced Analytics will help you build a culture of performance rather than mere reporting.

We provide System Health Check Programs for companies who continuously interested in Oracle database performance. Such support enhance and fortify the IT system to make it scalable, robust, capable of handling growth in data, and able to provide reliable backup and recovery processes in case of system failure or corruption. System Health Check Programs cover the back-end layer that includes Oracle Database, SQL database along with front-end layer and applications.

We have our hourly support services that include additional support for development, analysis and installation and can be provided on-site or off-site. In addition, yearly/monthly support services are also available to provide you on-site resources for an extended period.