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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

While Oil and gas industry are converging disparate, service-specific networks into more efficient and flexible IT solution and for network infrastructures that will provide more profitable, next-generation services, they must maintain their existing significant investments in legacy applications and network infrastructure to provide uninterrupted service to current customers. Operating in a competitive industry and working with limited budgets, IT managers have the dual mandate of maintaining the existing networks at the lowest cost for as long as possible while quickly building and transitioning to new, next-generation networks.

Each year, the stakes get bigger as firm need to face the rising challenges of:

• Increasing exploration and production costs

• Highly volatile crude oil prices and low retail margins

• Complex scheduling and operational challenges

• Challenges related to ageing workforce in oil fields

The Oil and Gas industry has always been at the forefront of adopting the latest information technology (IT) standards. The prime motive behind adoption of technology has been cost reduction through process simplification. Stiff competition from their global counterparts is also driving many Oil and Gas companies to reassess their operating practices and invest in new technologies. The IT spend of Oil and Gas companies is steadily increasing across the value chain, as there is a strong need to adopt sophisticated technology standards. The back-office applications have come a long way from being focused on accounting and payroll, to ERP-based applications integrated with a large number of legacy applications. Companies, today, use the best-in-class solutions to optimize operational efficiencies, improve asset and plant management, and integrate systems, thereby providing a concentrated view for better decision-making and a lot more.

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