Managed IT Services

Mobility Solutions
Make IT More Productive

Whether you have a small IT department, or need to augment your existing IT staff for project-based applications and support, we can make your IT operations more efficient so you can focus on your business goals. As a leading managed services provider in the UAE, we offer a full range of managed IT support services, including:

• Managed servers , Storage and applications
• Remote help desk
• Vendor management
• Backup & data protection
• Patch management
• Software upgrades

Help IT Achieve Its Full Potential

No matter which stage you are in, we will help you improve processes, implement the right tools, and maximize the effectiveness of your existing IT staff and resources. We start with listening, asking the right questions, and then delivering the best solutions that fit your needs, not our business model.

Customized Managed Service Solutions Every organization is unique and so are its IT needs. As your organization evolves and disruptive technologies like cloud and mobile technologies become mainstream, you will need an IT partner that can make those transitions seamlessly and effectively. We don’t force fit any of our pre-packaged service bundles on you. Instead, we find the best of breed technologies that keep your IT costs predictable and scalable. Contact us today to see how we can help!


Mobility Solutions
Next Generation Desktop Virtualisation Assessment

helps you to create a desktop environment that incorporates a modern, a well-managed user computing environment, incorporating various mobility, management and virtualisation technologies..

Server Virtualisation Assessment: Next Generation Desktop Virtualisation Assessment

provides greater visibility into your IT infrastructure and allows your organisation to analyse, benchmark and predict capacity utilisation. It helps identify consolidation opportunities and model various scenarios including virtualisation. Finally, clients are presented with clearly articulated scenario outcomes, total cost of ownership analysis and validated architecture recommendations..

DC Optimization

Maintain technology flexibility of your data centre with SecureTech’s Managed Services for Data Centres, while we take care of the infrastructure across the network, server, and storage for on premise and cloud environments. A single point of contact and manage your infrastructure end-to-end.


Your enterprise network is not just cables routes and switches connected through lan or wans. It’s the life blood your organization. It needs agility and to be in the latest technology for you to outgrow competition.

To do what you do best, let us do what we do best maintain your DC network with the potential of not seeing error free productivity. Our well trained engineers talks and communicates in bits and bytes they will be the corner stone for your business functions and communications and a powerful point for differentiation. .


Whether it be limiting access to personnel, tracking them, enforcing entry and exit rules for employees or structuring your car park at home / office / organization, we would have the right solution to address your needs at various tiers. The right Access control system is your first step to effectively managing a complex environment with multiple authorization matrix (sensitive, public, private etc.,). Use cases for specific verticals can be provided on request.


The constantly evolving landscape of APTs and other security threats will in turn increase IT compliance pressure. The stakes are high. A security breach could possibly expose your business to financial and reputational damage. These are things that you should not get wrong. Yet it remains one of the most challenging thing for your organization to Understand maintain and implement. .