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SecureTech consulting support sets the right practices to complement your business..

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SecureTech additionally offers a variety of consulting support options to cater for all client needs. We ensure fast, efficient and most cost-effective ICT support. SecureTech Consulting division will advice you with the best course of action to ensure that your problem is resolved as fast as possible.

SecureTech consulting support sets the right practices to complement your business. With our advice, support and proper framework we ensure you to get your business to the top. Our partnership with each client is built on trust and excellence in performance leading to successful results.

Our Security Audit & Review helps your organization from quantifying threats. It’s the primary support that we give to control risk by consistent monitoring. We continuously ensure availability, confidentially and integrity of the information. SecureTech offers Security consulting working with our clients to develop your security and workplace violence prevention. We also provide security expert witness support in security and workplace violence litigations. Corporate security is an important issue for every company. Corporate Security is also provided with our unique blend of experience and professionalism that addresses your particular needs. SecureTech consulting support does not end here. The comprehensive set of risk assessment and security consultation support includes:

Risk Management & Consulting

1. Security Audit & Review

2. Security Consulting

3. Corporate Security

4. Security Design & Engineering

5. Fire Risk Assessment

6. Security Risk Management

7. Maritime Security Consultancy

8. Security Risk Surveys

9. Penetration Testing

10. Threat Analysis & Assessment

11. Risk / Crisis Modelling

12. Vulnerability Assessment

We take great pride in the success of our clients, as it reflects our own success. We consider our Management Support as an important factor and it is what we consistently work hardest on.